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Water taxi St.Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review
St.Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review
Water taxi
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At the beginning of the summer 2012 in Moscow's Gogol club will be a presentation of a new single of St.Peterburg Ska-Jazz Review.

The band that have been based in 2001 by the drummer Denis Kuptsov and he's fellow musicians Spitfire and Markscheider Kunst.
In the time existence of hteir career the line up of SPSJR survived chages in cadres,but stayed steady and faithful to the original idea of popularization of Jamaican music established in 50's and 60's years,last century.Which is unfortunately not well known in the space of former USSR.
About a year ago Denis Kuptsov and Markscheider Kunst gathered together to revive the band that has stoped playing for a while at that time.After a long quest they're finaly found a worthy replacement of a lead singer Jennifer Davis in the person of amazing young singer Margarita Kasaeva.
Also a great keyboard player Vyacheslav Bistrov from a fellow afro-cuban band Cuba Jam successfully joined SPSJR.

"Water Taxi" a brand new single that opening a second chapter in the works of Saint Petersburg collective.Chapter that we hoped will appeal to the old school ska fans as much as to the begginers.The record opened with their own song Water Taxi written by saxophone platyer Ivan Nekludov,lirics been written by Denis Kuptsov.As the musicians said themselves : "-Opening of navigation on the Neva river-is a great holiday for everybody.It means that summer is in the city." They can be understood because Saint Petersburg located at latitude of Anchorage,and natives are waiting for the summer as manna from heaven.Second track is a tribute to the founders of Jamaican Ska The Skatalites and many other artists that have been performed at that era.It is a cover of ever green Jackie Opel song called "Old Rockin' Chair".And the third track "Beauty And The Beast" written by great sxophone player Wayne Shorter,whose work affected many jazz players nowadays.
This work is recorded by sound producer of many Saint Petersburg acts (such as : Markscheider Kunst,Tequillajazz,Zorge,Sunsay,Tinaive ,e.t.c.) Andrey Aliakrinskyi,on "Dobrolet" Studios.
With help Vladimir "Nguba" matushkin at "Nguba" Studio.
Mastered by Boris Istomin
This single you can by as a CD format on the band shows,and also download this as MP3 format on
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Posted by St.Petersburg Ska-Jazz Re... on 29 May 2012
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